National Milk Agency

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Milk (Regulation of Supply) Act, 1994

An act to make provision for the establishment of a National Milk Agency to regulate the supply of milk for liquid consumption throughout the state and to provide for the dissolution of the Dublin and Cork district milk boards and for other matters connected with the matters aforesaid.

  1. Interpretation
  2. National Milk Agency
  3. Dissolution of Dublin and Cork District Milk Boards
  4. Superannuation for Boards' staff
  5. Sale and purchase of milk
  6. Registration of contracts
  7. Registers
  8. Levies payable by processors
  9. Returns by registered persons
  10. Records to be kept by registered persons
  11. Publication of contents of registers and other matters
  12. Change of registration on death or transfer of business
  13. Alteration or cancellation of registration
  14. Provisions in relation to registers and evidence
  15. Powers of inspection and examination
  16. Prohibition on disclosure of information by members and officers of the Agency
  17. Funds to be kept by the Agency
  18. Accounts, records and reports of the Agency
  19. Appeals against decisions of Agency
  20. Regulations
  21. Prosecution of offences
  22. Repeals and saver
  23. Expenses
  24. Short title
  25. Schedule